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The importance of death records like Virginia Death Records could best be understood if one would understand what effects death would have in the personal relationships formed by the decedent during his or her lifetime. Death is something that terminates the contractual relationships entered into by the decedent, for rightly so, there is no way that a decedent could be made to make good the contracts that he had entered into. There is, however, sometimes the need to prove that the decedent is a decedent, and the best way to do that would be through the use of official records which are issued by the government or authorities.

Virginia Death Notices are the official records that are issued by the authorities to reflect the death of the person. It is issued by the authorities upon application of the family or any interested person of the decedent. As public records, these notices are also afforded the presumption of regularity, which means that they are presumed to be accurate and the person who would claim otherwise would have the burden of proving such allegation, a burden that is not easily overturned, especially in the case of death records.

Virginia Death Notices

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Copies of Virginia Death Certificates are available only from one source, the Virginia Department of Health, in particular, their office of vital records. Before a request for a certified copy of death records could be made, however, the person who would make the request must make certain that he or she is a member of the family of the decedent. This is because vital records are only available to the members of the family of the decedent, such as his parents, children, spouse, or grandparents. There are numerous procedures that one could use in order to request for certified copies of death certificates, and one of them would be to request for the records through mail. The procedure in such a case would require the person who wants the record to first obtain the required application form and accomplish the same before sending it to the department for processing together with the required fee in the form of a money order or check. note that a copy of a valid identification card must accompany the required application form so that he office could make sure that they are sending the copy to a person who is authorized by law to request for the copies.

Copies of Records of Death may also be obtained from the office by requesting for the same through in-person request. This is the fastest method of asking for copies of records because the only thing that the person who is making the request would have to do would be to walk into the office and make his or her request there by following the instructions of the clerk on duty. Of course, before the copies would be made available to the person who is making the request, he or she would have to pay the required fee which is twelve dollars.

It is also possible to request for copies of death certificates online through the use of online databases. These are faster and more efficient to use because of the platform that they are running. They are also cheaper because most of these privately owned databases would charge only the most minimum of fees for their services.

A request for death records through in-person request should follow the procedure given below

  • Make your way to the Virginia Department of Health
  • At the Office of Vital Records, inform the clerk on duty of your request for death records.
  • The clerk would ask you to present some sort of valid identification card in order to make sure that you are eligible to request for the records in question.
  • The clerk would then give you an application form which you must complete there and then.
  • The clerk would use the answers that you had provided to search for the records in question.
  • You would be given the record in question to make sure that these are the records that you want.
  • Once you are sure, you would be asked to pay the required fee at the cashier while copies of the records are made.
  • Claim your copies of the records by presenting your receipt at the office of vital records.

Virginia Death Certificates

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