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Death is something that every person would experience, just as birth is something that every person would go through. These two are very important because birth grants a person civil personality, though the same may be limited up to the time that he reached the age of majority. Civil personality is terminated by death. One may ask what is so important about civil personality and how it relates to the importance of death records like Oregon Death Records. The answer to that question would lie in the effects of civil personality. A person could not enter into a valid and legally binding contract if he has no civil personality.

This means that a person could not get married, could not buy or sell, could not get a job, or, indeed, cannot do anything, if he has no civil personality. This is the reason why a dead person could not enter into a contract, because his civil personality had already been terminated. The contracts that he had entered into while he was still alive would also be terminated, and, upon presentation of the proper death notice like Oregon Death Notice to the proper authorities, the surviving party to the contract may avail of some special proceeding that would allow him to make good his claims against the deceased.

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Copies of Oregon Death Certificates may be obtained at the state level, and this would be through the Oregon Health Authority. There are a number of procedures that one could avail of to obtain the record, and one of them is requesting for the record via mail. Of course, the first step would be to make sure that the person who desires the record is eligible to make the request in the first place, for death records are not public records. Of course, if the person is eligible to request for the records, the next step would be to obtain the request form and accomplish the same. It is required for the person who is making the claim to include a copy of an identification card of the person making the request, and such identification should be one that is requested for by the office. It is also required that the person who is making the request should state his relationship to the person making the request, or his interest or the interest of his client to the record in question.

A request for Free Death Records in the office is not possible, and the required fee which is twenty five dollars for the first record, plus an additional twenty dollars for every additional copy of the same record that would be requested for at the same time, should accompany the order form when it is sent to the office in the form of a money order or check.

It is also possible, and indeed, it is more advisable, to make the search for death records online through the use of online databases. Of course, the records contained within these archives could not be used for official proceedings, even though they are substantially the same as that which could be requested from the various government archives.

The procedure that must be followed when requesting for records via walk-in request is given below

  • Head over to the department
  • Locate the self-service kiosk and make your request there.
  • The clerk would ask you answer some basic questions
  • From your answer, the clerk would be able to identify the record that you are interested in.
  • You would then be directed to the cashier where you would be asked to pay the required fee.
  • After paying the fee, return to the self-service kiosk and wait for the records to be copied and made available to you.
  • Remember that request after 3.30 P.M. would be made available the next day.

Oregon Death Certificates

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