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In the lifetime of a person, he or she would enter into a number of contracts or relationships. Most of these, however, would end the moment that his or her life would end, because most contracts and relationships do not survive the death of a person. It is in these cases that death records, like New Jersey Death Records are very important, because these are the official records of the death of the person and thus, the best evidence that one could present in order to prove that a person had indeed died.

Like all death notices, New Jersey Death Notices are issued by the government and could be presented as evidence to prove the death of a person. Thus, a person who could present a copy of the death of his debtor could go after the remaining properties of his debtor, while the descendant of the decedent could present the death notice in order to show that a court could no longer take jurisdiction of the person owing to his demise. At the same time, such death notices could be presented to insurance companies as evidence necessary to claim the insurance proceeds as well as additional papers that could go into the application of the widow or widower of the deceased in claiming his social security benefits.

New Jersey Death Notices

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Copies of New Jersey Death Certificates may be obtained from the New Jersey Department of Health where the procedure to request for the copies would require the person who desires the record to first write a request. The request should contain the full name of the decedent, the place where the event occurred, and the date when the event occurred. Other optional information may also be added to the letter in order to aid the search such as the exact date of the event, the social security number of the decedent and other information that the person requesting the records would think would be helpful in identifying and locating the record. The next step would be to provide identification for the office. This would usually be in the form of a drivers license, but it must be remembered that the identification must have a copy of the address of the person making the request because the records would be sent to that address. Other alternative forms of identification may be provided for by the person making the request, but it must contain the address of the person.

The next step in obtaining copies of Public Death Records would be for the person to determine his required fee and make a money order or personal check to answer for the same. the basic fee is twenty five dollars, but depending upon the request, this may exceed fifty dollars in additional fees. The final step is to send the request to the department for processing.

Of course, it is also possible to search for death records online through the use of online databases. These are faster, more efficient, and considerably cheaper to use because of the fact that they are internet based and most of them would charge only the barest minimum for the use of their services.

A request for copies of death certificates should follow the procedure given below

  • Write a request for the death record. Include the name of the decedent on record, plus the place where the event occurred, and the approximate date of the event. If known, you can also add other information.
  • Make a copy of your identification and attach the same to the request. Note that you must use an identification card that has your address on it.
  • Make a money order or check to answer for the required fee
  • Send the request and all other attachments as well as the required fee to the department for processing.

New Jersey Death Certificates

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