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The reason why death records like Montana Death Records are being requested for by people lies in the fact that death is one of the few things that could change the civil status of a person. A dead person, after all, has no civil personality, and if he has no civil personality, then a person could not enter into contracts and could have no rights and obligations under any contract, whether that contract is already existing or not. After all, someone who had already died could not care about any earthly obligation that he had entered into while he was still alive.

Montana Death Notices serves as a warning to those who have entered into contracts with the deceased as to the even that had happened, and such event had deprived the deceased of his civil personality. This event, of course, is death. As a notice, these death notices would serve to allow the person who may still have rights against the deceased to use any of the alternative methods that is provided for by law in order to make good their rights. Of course, if they choose not to exercise such methods, then that is their decision, though it could be taken against them.

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Copies of Montana Death Certificates may be requested for at the state level through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. It is worth noting that before a request could be sent to the department, the person who desires the record should first make sure that he or she is eligible to make the request, otherwise, such a request would just be wasted. This is because death notices and records are not public records in the sense that anyone could request for them. The law provides for an exclusive list of people who are eligible to request for the records, and these are mostly people who have a substantial interest to the person whose name appears in the records in question. If the person who desires the record is eligible to make the request, then the next step would be to obtain the necessary application form and accomplish the same.

Public Death Records costs fifteen dollars per record, and such required fee must be answered for when the accomplished application form is sent to the office for processing. The fee must be in the form of either a money order or a personal check. The accomplished application form must also be accompanied by a copy of any valid government issued identification card with the picture and signature of the person making the request. The usual processing time for such a request is anywhere between six to eight weeks, and this is assuming that the person making the request would not run into any trouble with his request.

Of course, the fastest method to request for death records would be to make the requests online using online databases. Mostly privately owned, they nevertheless provide substantially the same information as the various government offices and databases, but the platform that they are using ensures that such a search for records would be faster and more efficient.

A request for death notices at the state level should follow the procedure given below

  • Determine first if you are amongst those eligible to make the request.
  • If you are eligible, download the required application form
  • Accomplish the application form.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order or check to answer for the same.
  • Attach the money order or check to the accomplished application form.
  • Make a copy of any government issued identification card with picture and signature and attach the same to the application form.
  • Send the application form and all other attachments as may be necessary to the department for processing.

Montana Death Certificates

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