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Death records like Mississippi Death Records are some of the most important records in the settlement of the estate of the deceased because these are the official records of the event in question, which is the death of the deceased. It is for this reason that such records are being issued by the government and requested for not only by the family of the deceased, but also by those with whom the deceased have had contractual relationships with, and in particular, those people with contractual relationships where the said contract is still open and incomplete.

Mississippi Death Notices could be presented by these people who still have open contracts in order to avail of some remedies that are made available to them by reason of the death of the decedent. Typically, these are remedies that would not be available to them if the deceased were still alive, and typically, these are remedies that are aimed not at the deceased, for he could no longer care about that, but at the estate of the deceased, which would have to be settled using the same death records. It is important to note that there are few types of contractual obligations that could be inherited by the heirs of the deceased, thus, it is advisable for those with such contractual claims to settle their claims at the probate of the estate of the deceased.

Mississippi Death Notices

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Copies of Mississippi Death Certificates may be requested from the state level through the Mississippi Department of Health. The procedure starts, as always, with the person who desires the record making sure that he or she is eligible o receive the records, and if the answer is yes, then he or she should download the application form and accomplish the same. Note that death records are not public records because only those enumerated by the law may request for the records in question. Once the form is accomplished, the next step would be to determine your required fee and to make a money order or personal check to answer for the same. The required fee is fifteen dollars for the first copy and for the record search, with an additional five dollars for every additional copy of the same record that would be requested for at the same time. Note that the base fifteen dollar fee is non-refundable. A request for death records at this level would also require the person who desires the record to make a copy of a government issued identification card with his picture and signature. The law identifies the acceptable identification cards to be used. Once completed, the application form and all other attachments must be sent to the department for processing, something which typically takes between six to eight weeks.

There is currently no way to ask for Free Death Records in the state of Mississippi, but online databases provide anyone with a cheaper alternative when asking for such records. Online databases are mostly privately owned, but the information that they provide to the person who access them is substantially the same, and they could provide such information using a platform that is faster and more efficient.

A request for death records at the state level may also be done in person by following the procedure given below

  • Head to the Mississippi Health Department
  • At the Vital Records Section of the department, make the request for death records.
  • The clerk on duty would ask you to present one of the required government issued identification cards and ask you about your relation to the person named in the record.
  • If you pass this check, the clerk would issue you a request form which you must then accomplish.
  • Submit the accomplished request form and wait for the clerk to check it.
  • If the clerk is satisfied that all blanks had been filled, you would be directed to the cashier where you would be asked to pay the required fee.
  • Pay the required fee and return to the vital records section where you can claim your copy of the record.

Mississippi Death Certificates

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