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The reason that people request for death records like Massachusetts Death Records is because these records are the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the event in question, which is the death of the decedent. The question may arise as to why there is a need to prove death and the answer to that would lie in the effect that death would have in the lives of those people who are still alive and with whom the decedent have had relationship with. Death is something that terminates most relationships, whether professional or personal, though there are a few of the latter that are exempt from being terminated by death.

Like most records issued by the government, Massachusetts Death Notices are vital records, but just because they are vital records does not mean that they are public records. there are laws that limit the number of persons who could request for copies of death certificates, and these are mostly people who are related to the decedent. Nevertheless, death notices fall under the presumption of regularity such that the records are considered accurate and the person who would claim otherwise would have the burden of proving the same.

Massachusetts Death Notices

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Copies of Massachusetts Death Certificates are available from two sources, at the local and the national level. At the local level, the office that must be contacted would be the local office of the clerk of court where the event had occurred. It is important to note that the local office that must be contacted should have territorial jurisdiction over the county where the event occurred. Otherwise, they would not have copies of the records in question at all. The procedure involved would usually require the person who desires the copy of the record to ask for them in person at the office.

Death RecordS are also available at the state level through the Registry of Vital Records of the Massachusetts Department of Health. As with the local level, the person who would make the request should be one who is a member of the family of the decedent or one that is authorized by the law to request for the records. The office would check for the eligibility of the person making the request via one of the requirements needed when one is making a request for death records which is a copy of a valid government issued identification card of the person making the request. There are a number of procedures that one could choose to use when asking for copies of death records, but the fastest method would be to ask for the records in person, which means that the person who would make the request should go to the registry and make the request there. The required fee is twenty dollars for a request in person, while requests using other methods would be thirty two dollars.

Of course, it is also possible to request for death records online through the use of online databases. Although most are privately owned, the data that they present to the public is substantially the same as that of the government offices and databases, only, they use a platform that allows for an easier and faster search that is also more efficient and cheaper to use.

A request for death records from the state level using mail should follow the procedure given below

  • Obtain the necessary request form and accomplish the same.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order or check to answer for the same.
  • Provide for a photocopy of your government issued identification card.
  • Send all the requirements as required to the Registry of Vital Statistics
  • Wait for the office to complete your request. Regular orders usually take anywhere between twenty to thirty days, while expedited service is between seven to ten days.

Massachusetts Death Certificates

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