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Maine Death Records

There are very few things that could happen to a person that would affect his or her relationship with another person. Often, these changes are documented by the government because they are changes that affect the entire community as well. These records that are made are what are called as vital records, but there is one event that is recorded that could affect the entire community that does not fall under this classification, and these are the documents that are known as the death records of which Maine Death Records are an example.

The reason why Maine Death Notices are not vital records is the fact that vital records are public records in the sense that anyone could request for copies of them at any given time and at any given circumstances. Death records are not public records because they are confidential records that only those who are eligible to request for may request. This is the reason why a copy of a government issued identification card is required when requesting for death records. The law gives an exclusive list of people who may request for the records and though most are family members of the person referred to in the records, there are some exemptions for those who have legitimate concerns about the death of the deceased.

Maine Death Notices

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Copies of Maine Death Certificates may be obtained only from the state level through the Department of Health and Human Services or the State Archives of the state government. Records from the years after 1923 are housed with the Vital Records Division, while those that come from earlier that year would be found at the State Archives. Either way, the procedure, requirements, and required fee necessary to request for the records would be the same, it is just the venue that would change.

To obtain copies of Records of Death, the person who desires the copy should go either to the Vital Records Division or the State Archives as the case may be and make his request in person. Of course, if the person who is making the request is not eligible to request for the records, then there is nothing he or she could do. If the person is eligible, he would be asked to accomplish a request form and to submit the same once the form is completed. It is necessary that a government-issued identification card would be presented when requesting for the records, and for the person making the request to be able to justify his request for the records. The required fee is fifteen dollars for the first record to be requested, plus another six dollars for every additional copy of the record that would be requested for at the same time. Once the required fee had been paid and the records had been copied, the person who made the request may claim the copies.

It is also possible, and probably faster and more efficient, to search for the records online using online databases. The search platform being used by such databases required only the most basic knowledge of internet search, and their records are substantially the same as that of the various government sources of the records in question.
A request for death records should follow the procedure given below

  • Determine first if you are eligible to make the request.
  • If you are, then proceed to the Maine Department of Health or State Archives to make your request in person.
  • You would be given a request form which you must accomplish and submit to the clerk on duty.
  • The clerk would ask that you present any government issued identification card and substantiate your eligibility to make the request.
  • If the clerk is satisfied, you would directed to the cashier where you must pay the required fee.
  • Once paid, present your receipt to claim the copies that you had requested for.

Maine Death Certificates

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