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The importance of death records such as Illinois Death Records is best understood if one is to first understand what effects death would have for the community. Certainly, death would not have an effect on the decedent, because the decedent is already dead and could no longer enter into any relationship, professional or personal. At the same time, the relationships that the decedent had entered into while he was still alive are considered to be terminated. Thus, there is sometimes the need to prove that the person had died in order to be able to terminate a relationship that the person had entered into during his lifetime.

Illinois Death Notices serve as a notice to the people that the decedent has had a relationship with during his lifetime that the person had died. This warning would then allow the other person in the relationship to know that he or she could now apply for the remedies provided for by law if he or she still has a claim against the decedent. Take, for example, the case of an unpaid debt. There is no way that the decedent could pay the debt, but that does not mean that the debt would forever be unpaid, and instead, the creditor could go after the estate of the decedent to satisfy his claim.

Illinois Death Notices

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Illinois Death Certificates, or copies of the same, may be obtained either from the local or county level source, and the national or state level source. Before a search could be done, however, it must be noted that death certificates could only be issued to relatives of the decedent, and all others would have to provide a letter or document from the government agency that is requesting the death record. At the county level, the office concerned would be the office of the county clerk, where the procedure would typically require the person who desires the record to request for the same in person. This means that the person who desires the record should go to the office of the local clerk where the event occurred as it must be noted that county clerks are limited in their territorial jurisdictions and would not have copies of official records for events that occurred beyond the county line. The fee would also vary, but in general, the required fee would be at least nineteen dollars, plus additional fees corresponding to research fees and other miscellaneous items.

Public Social Security Death Records for the state of Illinois are also available from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Here, there are a number of procedures that one could use in order to request for copies of death certificates. These procedures include requesting for the records in person, through mail, or fax. The required fee is also nineteen dollars at this level, plus additional miscellaneous fees, and the processing time would usually depend on the method chosen to request for the records.

It is also possible to request for records online through the use of online databases. Although most are unaffiliated with the government, the records that they provide are substantially the same as that of the various government offices and databases. The difference is that they are easier and more efficient to use because they are internet searches that could be done from anywhere where there is a substantial internet connection.

A request for death certificate may be done in person following the procedure given below

  • Head to the Illinois Department of Public Health Office
  • Make your way to the Vital Records Department and make the request there.
  • You would be issued an application form which you must then fill up.
  • Submit the accomplished application form to the clerk for processing as well as a copy of your valid government-issued identification with picture.
  • Wait for the clerk to process your request.
  • Pay the required fee which would be indicated in the order form that the clerk would give you after they have located the records that you requested for.
  • While you are paying the required fee, copies of the record would be made for you.
  • Claim your copy of the record by presenting your receipt to the clerk.

Illinois Death Certificates

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