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In the lifetime of a person, he or she would enter into a number of relationships both in the professional and the personal sense. The latter is usually the one that is accompanied by legal paperwork to evidence such a relationship, though there are some personal relationships that do include some legal paperwork such as marriage. Death is something that terminates such relationship, be it personal or professional, but sometimes, there is a need to prove that such a relationship had terminated, and this is where official death certificate and records such as Florida Death Records come in, for these are the best evidence that one could present in order to prove that a person had indeed died.

When a person dies, his relatives or other authorized personnel would report such event to the proper authorities who would then prepare a death certificate. Such certificate would form the core of death records such as Florida Death Notices which are public records and as such, may be requested by any person at any time. Of course, the original of such records would not be given to the person making the request as the original should stay with the proper custodians in case such records would be requested for again in the future.

Florida Death Notices

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Copies of Florida Death Certificates may be requested from the Florida Department of Health which has offices in all counties of the state. Thus, it is suggested that if the person who is making the request knows where the person died, he or she should direct his or her search at the local Department of Health office. This may mean a faster and more efficient search, but the procedure at all branches of the department would be the same regardless of whether or not the event occurred in the county where the search is being done.

The procedure to obtain Free Death Records begins with the person who is making the request first determining whether or not he or she is eligible to receive information. This does not mean that a person who is not eligible could not request for death certificates, but only eligible person could request for death certificates with cause of death. For such death certificates, the only ones who could request for the same would be the close family of the deceased. The next step would be to obtain the application form which may be downloaded from the website of the Florida Department of Health and accomplishing the same. Note that a valid identification card of the person making the request is required. An explanation as to his eligibility to request for death certificates with cause of death if the request is for such a death certificate. Finally, the request should be mailed to the department for processing together with the required fee which is five dollars for the certificate itself, plus the delivery fee which would vary with the delivery method chosen.

Of course, it is also possible to request for birth certificates online. By Florida law, government websites are no longer allowed to post records online, but there are privately owned databases that do post online. They provide substantially the same information as the various government offices and databases, and they are cheaper to use because most of them would only charge the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.

A request for death certificates in the state of Florida should follow the procedure given below

  • Determine your eligibility to request for death certificates. Remember that only close relatives could request for death certificates with cause of death.
  • Obtain the application form and accomplish the same.
  • If you are requesting for death certificates with cause of death, include a copy of your valid identification card with picture with the request form as well as an explanation of your eligibility to request for the records.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order or check to answer for the same.
  • Send the request form and all other requirements to the Florida Department of Health for processing.
  • Wait for the department to finish processing your request and send you the records you requested for.

Florida Death Certificates

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