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One of the reasons why death records like Duval County Death Records are some of the most requested for records would have to do with the fact that these are the official records of the government, and because they are the official records, they are the best evidence that one could present in order to prove something. This is true not only for these death records, but also for other records, though exactly what is trying to be proved would depend upon the nature of the records that would be presented. In the case of death records, what is trying to be proved is the fact of the death of the person named in the record.

Now, one may ask why there is a need to prove the death of a person. The answer to that question would be because death is something that would affect the entire world given that it would terminate the status of the person who had died. as he is already dead, the deceased could no longer enter into any contract or own property, but at the same time, there may still be claims against the deceased, and those would have to be ventilated in the proper forum which would be the probate court where the will of the decedent, if he has one, would be presented. Note, however, that death is not something that courts could take judicial notice of, hence, there would be a need to prove the fact of the death and the best way to do so would be through Duval County Death Certificates.

Duval County Death Notices

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Before one could go about searching for copies of Duval County Death Notices, one must first remember that these records, while enjoying the presumption of regularity, are not public records for they are available only to those people who are related to the deceased. Of course, strangers may make the request for copies of the records, but the copies that would be made available to them would be incomplete and they would have to prove that they have a legitimate interest with the records in question.

Copies of the records may be obtained at both the state or national level and the county or local level. The best place to make the search would be at the local level through the office of the county clerk of court for there would be fewer records here, but take note that the death must occur within the territorial jurisdiction of the county, otherwise, the records would not be at this office given the territorial limitations of county offices. The method to use to make the request would either be through mail or in person, to be decided by the person interested in the records.

Free Public Death Records may be obtained online, though note that most online databases would still charge some sort of fee for the use of their services, though those fees would be very minimal. Online databases are mostly privately owned, but the information that they could provide are substantially the same as that of the various official sources, and they could provide the information faster.

Duval County Death Certificates

The procedure given below would have to be followed when requesting for copies of death records

  • Head over to the office of the county clerk of court and inform the clerk of your intention to make the request for records.
  • The clerk would ascertain your eligibility to make the request.
  • If you are eligible to make the request, the clerk would then give you a form that you must accomplished and submit.
  • The information that you had provided in the form would be used by the clerk as his search parameters in order to come up with a list of all records that match your given criteria.
  • From the list of the clerk, locate the record that you are interested in.
  • Make sure that these are the records that you want before asking that copies of the same be made for you.
  • Pay your required fee before claiming your copy of the record.

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