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Death is something that ends, and this is true not only in the metaphorical sense, but also in the actual sense. Aside from the life of the deceased, however, death is also something that would terminate whatever obligation of the deceased had been left behind, and this would typically include those obligations that are denominated by contract. Canada Death Records, like all death records, are the official records of the event of death, and as such, it is the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the event in questions which, in this case, would be the death of the deceased.

One may ask why there is a need to prove death, and why there is a need to submit Canada Death Notices in order to prove the death. The answer to the first would be because of the paramount importance of death. As something that terminates, death should be announced to the world, at least as required by law, so that other people would be placed on notice and these other people could ventilate their claims against the deceased, should they actually have claims against the deceased. The answer to the second would be the fact that these death records, while not public records, are afforded the greatest respect when it comes to their contents, and as such, they are considered to be accurate at all times.

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Obtaining a copy of Canada Death Certificates would depend on the territory where the event had occurred, but in general, obtaining copies of the death certificates could be done either online or through personal request at the appropriate government services centers of the territories where the event had occurred. Each method would have its own corresponding set of advantages and disadvantages, though it is suggested that the better method would be to make the request in person as this would mean that the records would be made available at the same day that they are requested for. Of course, this would also require the person who desires the record to actually go to the place where the event had occurred as it is highly unlikely for another territory to have copy of the death records for deaths that occurred in a different territory. A request made through mail would not require the person who desires the record to travel, but this would take longer as the request could not be acted upon until the proper request had been received and even then, the records could not be sent instantly as they would also have to be sent by mail.

Copies of Free Death Records may be obtained online through the use of online databases. Of course, records obtained through this method would not be considered official records, and as such, they could not be used for official purposes, but the information contained would be substantially the same. The use of online records would also be more efficient as they could be accessed from just about anywhere where there is a substantial internet connection.

A request for death records may be requested in person through the following method

  • Determine first where the event had occurred.
  • Once the territory had been determined, head over to the local government service center.
  • At the appropriate service center, inform the clerk of your intent to request for death records.
  • You would be directed to the proper venue for the request.
  • At the proper venue, you would be asked some questions regarding the record, answer as accurately as possible.
  • All records that match the criteria that you had been given would be presented to you.
  • From the list, select the one that you are interested in.
  • The clerk would then produce the record for your perusal.
  • Determine if this is the record that you want and if the answer is yes, request that copies be made.
  • The copies would be made for you while you pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Claim your copies of the record by presenting the official receipt.

Canada Death Certificates

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