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When a person dies, everything that he has in this world does not go with him wherever he is that he would go. Those things left behind, however, do not become res nullus, or owned by no one, in fact, they are inherited by the heirs of the deceased, but at the same time, it must be noted that there could be numerous heirs, and they could not adjudicate for themselves who gets what. One must also consider whatever businesses that the deceased had left behind, certainly, he could no longer contract when he had died. These two things must be foremost in the mind of anyone when one asks why death records like Santa Cruz County Death Records are very important.

Santa Cruz County Death Certificates are the official records of the government and as such, they are the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the death of the person named in the records. Proving the death of the person is a requirement before courts could open probate proceedings because it must be remembered that courts cannot take judicial notice of the death of a person, and it is in this probate proceedings that the issue of who gets what and the issue of any other claims against the decedent are settled. In other words, without death certificates, inheritance could not take effect and those who have claims against the decedent cannot make good their claims against him.

Santa Cruz County Death Certificates

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There are two types of Santa Clara Death Notices, and these are certified or authorized copies and informational copies. In terms of the contents of the records, it would be the same, it is just that certified copies are only available to those who are authorized to request for them as provided for by an exclusive list by law. Informational copies are available to the general public, but they could not be used for anything other than proving the death of the decedent.

Whether authorized or informational copy, death records are available at both the national or state level and the local or county level, though note that it is only in the county level where one could make the request either through mail or in person. Requests made at the state or national level would have to be done through mail only. It would be the decision of the person who would request for the records as to where he or she would take his search, but it must be noted that there would be fewer records at the local or county level, and this would mean that a search here would be faster. Note, however, that local offices have territorial jurisdictions.

Cause of Death Records are also available online through the use of online databases. Faster, more efficient, and considerably cheaper, these online databases are internet-based which means that they could be accessed from just about anywhere where there is an internet connection. It must be noted, however, that most online databases are privately owned, which means that even if they could present substantially the same information as the various official sources, they still could not be used as official sources.

It is possible to request for copies of death records through mail following the procedure given below

  • Obtain the necessary request form and accomplish the same.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order or personal check to answer for the same.
  • Attach the money order or check to the accomplished form.
  • Send the accomplished form and all other requirements to the office of the recorder for processing.
  • Wait for the office to process your request.
  • The copies that you have requested for would be sent to you within six to eight weeks.

Santa Clara Death Notices

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