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Like all other death records, Orange County Death Records are some of the most requested for records in both the local and national level. The reason for this would lie in the legal effects that death would have upon those who had been left behind and those people with whom the deceased had interacted with during his or her lifetime. Death, after all, terminates not only the life of the person, but also his civil personality, and without the same, he could not enter into any contract, any contract that he had entered into that had not yet been resolved becomes unenforceable, and he could not own property.

In addition to that, Orange County Death Certificates are necessary to open the estate settlement of the deceased. As the official records, these are the best records that could be presented to prove the death, and in an estate settlement proceeding, death must first be proved because the death of a person is not something that courts could take judicial notice of. In other words, just because a person had died, does not mean that the courts would take the word of the witnesses for it. of course, it is in that same estate settlement proceedings that the rights of the those left behind would be ventilated and decided upon.

Orange County Death Certificates

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Now, Orange County Death Notices come in two forms, authorized or certified copies and informational copies. In terms of the information contained within the two types, they would be the same, it is just that informational copies are available for the general public, and because of that, they could only be used to establish the death of the deceased. Certified copies could be used for other things, but they may only be requested by those people who are included in an exclusive list provided for by law.

Copies of death certificates are available at both the local and state level, and it would be the decision of the person who is interested in the records where he would take his search. If, however, he knows where the death had occurred, then it may be best to make the search for the records at the office of the clerk-recorder of the same county as a search at that level would be faster. This would be because there would be fewer records to look into and because there would be less requests being made at this level. Of course, it is also possible to make the request at the national level, though it may take longer. Either way, the required fee would be twenty one dollars for every record to be requested for.

Free Death Records may be obtained online, but even online databases would charge some sort of fee, though most of these fees would be minimal. Online databases also provide substantially the same record as those that come from the official sources, though despite this, they could not be used as official references because they are not government resources. There are other reasons to depend on online databases including the fact that they use a platform that is faster and more efficient in searching for the records.

A request for copies of death certificates may be done following the procedure given below

  • Download the necessary request form and accomplish the same.
  • Note that if you are requesting for certified copies, you should accomplish the form in full and have it notarized.
  • Make a money order or personal check to answer for your required fee.
  • Send the accomplished form and all other attachments to the office of the clerk-recorder for processing.
  • Wait for the office to process your request and send you the records requested for.

Orange County Death Notices

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